Photography Courses

We are planning to present a photo course in May 2019 (3 – 5 May 2019, availability pending). We need a minimum of 6 people to start the course. If you would like to book your place please contact us or send us an email – the contact details are listed below.


1. A basic course in Digital Photography spreading over 1 weekend. This includes theory and practical work – the split between theory and practical is roughly 50:50

2. Cost: R1500 Cash

3. Camera requirements: Students must have access to a digital camera – it will be preferable if this camera has manual functions.

4. Course content:

4.1 Understanding the way that the camera see vs the way that the eye is seeing.

4.2 How the camera work. Time will be spend with each student to acquaint him / her on the functions of his / her camera.

4.3 Shutter speed and aperture.

4.4 Exposure

4.5 Elements of design / composition in photography.

4.6 Basic flash photography & introduction to off-camera flash

4.7 Basic digital concepts related to photography (file types, resolution for different applications, histogram, workflow).

4.8 The Great Themes in Photography – portraiture & landscapes

A course handout will be supplied. Homework assignments and practical sessions during classes will be used to develop an understanding of these theoretical concepts. Please note that making time to do your assignments is essential to get the most from your course.


Occasionally we offer more specialised courses – i.e. in photographic software like Adobe Lightroom or Adobe Photoshop. Or specific photographic techniques i.e. off-camera flash.

Please email us with your request and we will inform you of when a course that focus on your field of interest will be presented.


To enquire, please contact us on :
044 272 44 14
Ask to speak to Jurgen or Melissa