Photo sharing: from Mobile Me to ZangZing to DPhoto

Having an online photo gallery is essential for those of us making a living from photography. Apple had an elegant and beautiful solution called Mobile Me which was popular with professionals and amateurs alike. Their decision to suspend this service on 30 June 2012 and replace it with the limited optons from iCloud’s Journal was met with disbelief by us Apple (including myself) converts – a really nasty surprise that Apple could ditch someone that worked so well.  But at least they gave us 6 months warning about their plans so we had ample time to find an alternative service provider.

I literally read through 1000’s of emails on the Mobile Me forum with suggestion of What Now. Most users recommended SmugMug, ZangZing or DPhoto – in the end I decided to go with ZangZing. Not quite as elegant as MobileMe but satisfactory.  Moving the 5 000+ images from Mobile Me to ZangZing went effortlessly (especially as it was Jurgen that did it and only informed me when it was done :-) The first number of months was for free and it also had  the option of sharing to FB  – features that Mobile Me didn’t have.

Then came the big surprise – ZangZing announced that they were suspending their service! Only with 2 months notice. A real deja vu experience – this time I decided that DPhoto would be the photo-sharing service provider in which we’ll put our diminshing trust…

The migration to DPhoto is almost complete and I like the clean look and feel. They also have an Lightroom App where you can upload your images straight to DPhoto. Having SEO stats for your albums as well as the option of uploading HD videos are added bonuses – definitely the most feature rich photo sharing option that I’ve come across so far. There is various options available with also Interested users get a free trial period. After this there is a number of different package options available. DPhoto has a referral discount system where new users get 10% discount when referred by existing users (who also get a credit). For those of you that would like to use DPhoto – my coupon code is D36688D8

I look forward to hearing what you think of DPhoto.

Happy clicking,


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