Canon 5D Mk3 and other reasons to be happy

I wrote in my previous post that I would share more of my impressions with the new Canon 5d mk3. It’s six weeks later and I’m busy editing the first wedding that I shot with this camera (Carla & Marcus). Wedding photos force you to look closely at your images and there’s quite a few things that I’ve noticed and would like to share with you:

  • I’m shooting significantly more pix than I usually do – about 20% more on average (I’ve done 4 weddings with the new camera). Very annoying :-) as it means that the selection process now takes significantly longer. But the reason for this is surely the improved auto-focus as well as the faster frame rate.
  • Previously I wrote about the incredible low-light abilities of the Mk3 and once again I’m blown away by how the the guys from Canon got it right to still increase the Mk3’s low light performance. It’s so light sensitive that I can literally get away with not using a flash in most churches. Below is an image of Carla & Marco wedding that was shot at ISO 6400! Five years ago ISO 400 looked like this. ISO 6400; f2.8; 1/500sec; 70mm





  • Adobe Lightroom v4.2: Good news on the software side – the guys at Adobe Lightroom got the issue with LR4 being so super-slow sorted out. I’ve complained previously about how slow LR4 was and that I actually reverted back to LR3. LR3 doesn’t  give previews of the RAW files from the Canon mk3. This forced me to start using LR4 again – and the first thing that I noticed was that Lightroom 4’s sluggishness was gone:-) VERY good news as I was pulling the few hairs that I have left from my head when I initially started using LR4 and having to wait forever before files rendered.
  • More good news: On top of this came the announcement from Adobe that they’ve developed DNG1.4 which means that archiving the 100’s of RAW wedding files instead of exporting to JPG has become possible. You can download their free DNG converter HERE
  • Laastens, ons begin môre-aand met die FOTOBOEK KURSUS. Dit is net 3 weeklikse sessies van 2 ure en kos R300. Ons doen ook een in November – die van julle wat belangstel kontak ons gerus by



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