2013 Talisman Hire Conference

Being a photographer has it unexpected perks – last weekend I photographed Talisman 20th Conference, Champagne Sports Resort Talisman Hire’s 20th conference at Champagne Sports Resort in the Drakensberg. Running a small time business can be challenging but seeing how professional the Talisman guys were was inspirational. My job was to take photos of the events – here I had a nice surprise with two of their guest speakers (Peter van Kets and Francois Muscat) talking about topics that also interested me.

Peter van Kets

Peter van Kets made his mark in the world of adventure by winning the 5,438km unsupported Atlantic Rowing Race 2007/8 (pairs) with friend Bill Godfrey. In January 2012 he and friend Braam Malherbe raced unsupported across Antarctica to the South Pole – his stories of vasbyt under extreme circumstances had quite a few of the tough guys from the building industry wiping tears from their cheeks :-)

Francois Muscat from WSIFrancois Muscat from WSI (We Simplify the Internet) spoke about using the social media to market your business. Something about him – Francois optimised the site(INTERNET SOLUTIONS) for the keywords “Internet Solutions”, an extremely competitive term. On August 24, 2007, he was able to get www.is.co.za to rank first in Google with 536 million competitors and third in Yahoo! with 230 million competitors. This impressive accomplishment earned Francois the WSI Excellence Award for “Excellence in SEO.”

Francois knowledge on this topic is phenomenal but if I had to try summarize his message it would be how he emphasized the importance of quality content when engaging with potential clients in the different social media interfaces. Supplying relevant quality content is the way to convert potential customers. Interrupting the viewer with adverts whilst watching interesting content is something of the past. Decisions gets influenced by reviews from friends and peers as well as expert reviews.


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